Friday, January 30, 2009

Going Homemade!

I have started going homemade for a lot of things that I would never have before, but it saves so much money and it is kinda fun! Here are some homemade ideas to save money! Let me know if you have more ideas.

Cleaning Supplies:
I haven't tried these yet, but I would like to as my supplies run out.

Here is an article about 175 uses for vinegar:
Here are a couple sites with Non-Toxic cleaning Ideas:
Here is just one more with homemade cleaning recipes:

Homemade Gifts:
This is a big one for me, because I really struggled with this concept for a while. I always felt like I had to go all out for birthdays, Christmas, etc... I justified using the credit card, because it was giving, and I love making others happy. As cheesy as it is, 'it IS the the thought that counts'. Sometimes homemade gifts are the most appreciated. For instance, about 6 months ago, it was my 11 year old brother's birthday, and it was a month, where we didn't have a dime to spare. I remembered a conversation I had had with my little brother a few weeks before and he was complaining that our mom wouldn't let him make cookie dough, just to eat (he didn't want to cook the dough, just save it in the fridge to eat). I thought it was quite funny at the time, but a day or two before his birthday, the idea hit me and I made him a whole batch of cookie dough with a homemade card telling him to keep it all do himself, and definitely not let mom cook it (heaven forbid). He loved it! So, don't feel like you have to spend much on gifts, be creative!

Here are some homemade gift ideas:
(this is Christmas, but super cute!)
(under $10 gifts)

Baby Food:
I know this may not apply to all, but I started making my own baby food, and I love it! I can make a jar homemade jar, for average 10 cents a jar or better! At the store, that cost me about 50 cents a jar. My daughter uses about 3 jars a day (she's a big eater), so that is a savings of $36 a month savings! Here are a few articles I used to learn how to make baby food.

Beauty Supplies:
If you like to make trips to the spa, then this would be a good money saver for you. I haven't used these, but I thought they looked like fun to try!

I am sure that there are many more great homemade ideas, so please comment and tell me what you make to save money! Also if you have any good sites, comment with those as well and I will post your ideas and sites soon!

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