Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Expense Diary Update

So as promised, I am reporting my progress with my Expense Diary. The Diary worked well and it really helped me to get an idea of where our money is really going, sometimes I found it hard to say if all of the "unnecessaries" were all really unnecessary or not, for instance we had to go out of town for one day and were gone much longer than we had anticipated and therefore, we got fast food for dinner. So, I can't say that that was completely unnecessary, yet it still went on my list. I am pleased and displeased with how much we spent... We spent a total of $34.81, that is about $5 a day. I am pleased, because we used to spend $100 or more in that same time period (I know that is really bad). I am and displeased because I know that we can do better! I am going to challenge myself and do the same thing this week as well and report back.

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