Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Personal Revelation and Listening to the Spirit

So I was ready my Gospel Doctrine Study Guide for next weeks Lesson on Listening and recognizing the spirit, this morning and I just wanted to quickly share some of my thoughts that I had. As I had been studying, I was thinking about how important revelation has been for my family throughout the last 3 or 4 months.

In December, I got a call from my employer (I worked from home) and he told me that the check coming for me would most likely be the last (he works for the mortgage industry) and that he was really sorry, but that he unexpectedly lost one of his major clients. I was not completely shocked, but wasn't ready for it. I was making more than 1/3 of our income and with things being as tight as they were all ready, it felt like the consequences for our debt would never end. I began looking for work, and doing all that I could to mend our situation, but I was finding that I was not the only one out of work (it has been hard to even get an interview because so many people are looking for work, at least in my field of work). I was doing what I could but nothing was coming, it was one of those humbling experiences for me. I needed to be reminded to get back on my knees and ask for help because I wouldn't get through it alone. In January, I got a job and I felt a huge sigh of relief and thought, wow, I am glad I got through that, but after my first 2 or 3 nights of work, my husband sat me down and told me that he was very concerned and that he felt very strongly that I made the wrong choice and that I needed to reconsider the job that I had accepted. I was almost angry, because I felt that it was perfect, the answer to my prayers and why would he question that. Anyway, after more praying and humbling myself, I came to the same conclusion as my husband, it wasn't the right thing, I had let my own desires make my decisions, just assuming that they were the right ones. So I reluctantly quit that job and continued the search. I since have gotten a job, but it is very part time and I really don't know if it will be what I need to do, but I really just want to tell this story, because the Lord will take care of us if we humble ourselves and do our best to follow his will. It isn't easy by any means, and I am still struggling with this problem, but I am learning that the Lord is all knowing and he knows what is best for me and my family. Things have somehow worked out for us the last few months, but I know that it isn't by coincidence and I just need to trust that if I do my best to learn and follow his will for me, he will get our family through this. It most likely won't be the way that I think it will be either.

If you haven't already I would completely suggest going through last weeks and this weeks gospel doctrine lesson. I wrote down all the questions and wrote out all my answers and thoughts, to help me remember and be able to look back at it. Here is the link to the study guide lessons if you don't have it already: Lesson #5 and Lesson #6


Celeste said...

Hang in there! I also had a similar experience and having faith that we are doing what the Lord has planned is so important. I dare say its more important than paying off our debts. Thanks for sharing this!

malimom said...

Just wanted to leave a note. My husband lost his job on Nov. 1. We have seen miracles. Can't say much now. Glad to find your blog and when I get home tonight I hope to read more.